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Centrally managed data protection


Data protection governance


Data breach, incident and event management

Centrally managed data protection

Data protection intelligence

Build and document a processing register that is complete and fully matching a specific juridical-entity scope.

Assisted data protection analytics

Perform compliance-based and risk-based analytics to produce an undoubted view on the processing’s risk levels. Surface the “high-risk” and “risk”-types processing’s in order to match the needed security safeguards

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Perform assisted Data Protection Risk Assesssments on all processing’s involving risks to Data Subjects.

Data Protection Governance

Compliance proofing and visualizations

Confirm every step in the building of your Organizations Data Protection Management System and keep track of compliance.

Graphical and relational awareness rendering

Our solution allows exploiting data protection intelligence in a relational manner and to produce many standard (or customized) graphical rendering of analytics, consolidations, and relational-views.

Multi-country data processor management

Arrange and overview responsibilities between your Organization and its data processors. Assure proper documentation and proofing of international adequacy criteria if applicable.

Data protection breach, incident and event management

Rights and Freedoms Management

Prepare, react and handle Data Subject’s rights and freedoms in a systemic, non-repudiation manner. Document all evidences that are a basis for communication to supervising authorities, stakeholders, Management, Data Subjects, defendants…

Data breach management

Prepare, respond, communicate…in a systemic manner when confronted with an adverse situation regarding data subjects and or their processed personal data. These are for instance: non-available data, inadequate data, compromised Data, discontinued assurance of rights and freedoms, situations causing moral, physical or financial damage,...

Adverse situation and incident management

What starts as a banal incident can become a data breach with huge consequences on several impact domains. Hence, it is a safeguard to manage and document and assess incidents directly at occurrence. RealDPG® allows logging and documenting facts, evidences and analytics and hence builds a solid events-base that is useful to many stakeholders (juridical department, Data Protection Officer,…)

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