Methodical way of working

Data Protection Management System

Centrally managed data protection governance

RealDPG® is an integrated Data Protection Management system, available in hybrid setup (secured cloud based, as in-house application or combined). Our solution covers all EU-GDPR domains, from data processing analytics to data breach management. It enables documentary and analytical compliance to EU-GDPR and offers the benefit of central governance, fast and assisted analytics and much visualization of EU-GDPR domains on top of full relational exploitation of all governance data.


Tailored services

All business-models (Giga, Tera, Peta) provide EU-GDPR and one day training on RealDPG®. A range of customizable services are additionally available for instance to assist with program management, preparation tracks, awareness, work-sessions, special-case topics,...

Milestones and compliance baselines

Quality checks

Optionally, our clients have the possibility of EU-GDPR baseline checking by having following domains checked to their completeness and exactness: processing register, processing documentation, compliance-based analytics, risk-based analytics, data protection impact analytics (if applicable), data processor management (including international aspects), rights and freedoms management, breach management.

Resources and certifications

Open resources

On all courses and trainings, clients are entitled to assign a self-chosen team. We offer the flexibility of combining your Organization's own expert-staff, external consultants assigned by your Organization and combinations of both best fitting your Organization's needs.

Advisory certification

This certification is a personal proof of knowledge, professionalism, trust, cultural fit and empowerment, guaranteed by RealDPG® regarding the EU-GDPR and RealDPG® method, -platform, -service agreement and –strategy, in respect of the Certified Consultant.

Sales certification

Our Partners’ commercial staff, any interested Consultant can obtain the RealDPG® Sales Certification. This certification aims informing potential clients on the available solutions. It aims the ability to translate a unique selling proposition (handling EU-GDPR in a practical way) to unique buying reasons.

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