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Every organization has its own specific business context, culture and governance maturity. Understanding this context, culture and maturity, aiming EU-GDPR compliance is indispensable.

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Building EU-GDPR compliance in practical, concise way is new to many Organizations. How to deal with and document incidents, breaches, audits, obligations to communicate, protecting rights and freedoms in practice...are items which we are eager to share our experience on.

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Effective results within agreed timeframes are assured by a methodical approach embedded in RealDPG®.

Organize for completeness

RealDPG® is a holistic EU-GDPR compliance management tool. It enables analytical and documentary compliance: clear processing register and processing-cards, compliance or risk based analytics, data protection impact analysis, rights and freedoms management, breach management,...

Enable compliance

RealDPG® builds analytical (know "high-risk" processing, assure complete data protection impact analysis,...) and documentary (loggings, consent management, breach-management) compliance.

Opt-in on a future-proof solution

RealDPG® is made to be future proof and hence always comes with included version and release updates, based on our consulting experience and publications.

Experience quality

When audited, confronted to a breach situation, rights exercised by Data Subjects…responding in a well thought out, swift, precise way will make a difference when it comes to safeguarding corporate image and the risk of a fine. RealDPG® makes this possible by centralized governance possible by having all EU-GDPR logics and documents in one central relational repository. 

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Easy accessible dashboards, instant relational analytics, document storing, compliance proofing...all at hand, instantly.

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Build compliance and the lower the probability of a fine-situation... protect your corporate image and contribute to basic rights and freedoms.

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