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...a cloud-based, secured, integrated, practical, complete platform...focussing on the essence of data protection...


About us

and data protection with the RealDPG® solution

Why choose us.

We are passionate about data protection. The EU-GDPR contributes to what is essential in a free economy and a free world: protecting rights and freedoms of people. We believe in basic rights and freedoms and are eager to help with seamless data-protection-governance.

What we do.

We help creating EU-GDPR compliance. RealDPG® is an integrated Data Protection Management System that creates the ability and agility to master data protection in a clear and concise manner and to proof compliance.

How we do this.

RealDPG® provides a practical path and method combined. Practical dataprocessing sheets, risk analysis, maturity and compliance proofing, rights and freedoms management, breach management, all modules one need are on board.

Our services.

Our services always include setup-cost, unlimited use, maintenance, releases, updates, training and consultancy.


Our tooling is fully integrated and relational. it is always available and constantly upgraded to the newest version. We offer clear release notes to keep you posted on the changes. With co-creation being integrated in our culture we truly want to work together with our clients on constant improvement feedback and ideas.



Included in the price are 4 days of consultancy to get you started with the tool. If you feel like you need more guidance we can provide you with extra consultancy days to assure a correct and successful implementation.


Training & Certification

We provide a 2-day RealDPG® training and User-Certification to make sure our clients can work properly with the tool and use it independently. The training usually takes up a day after which we take a test that certifies the users and confirms their capability to work with the tool.

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